Mitsubishi Lancer Owners Manual

Cigarette lighter
For pleasant driving / Cigarette lighter

The cigarette lighter can be used while the ignition switch is in the “ON” or “ACC” position.

Mitsubishi Lancer: Cigarette lighter. 1- Push all the way in.

1- Push all the way in.

The cigarette lighter will automatically return to its original position with a “click” when ready. Pull it out for use.

After use, insert the cigarette lighter to its original position in the socket.

Mitsubishi Lancer: Cigarette lighter. ► Do not leave the cigarette lighter removed from its socket, because the socket Note

► Do not leave the cigarette lighter removed from its socket, because the socket might become clogged by foreign material and be short-circuited.

Mitsubishi Lancer: Cigarette lighter. Caution Caution

► Do not touch the heating element or the cigarette lighter housing, hold the knob only to prevent burns.
► Do not allow children to operate or play with the cigarette lighter as burns may occur.
► Something is wrong with the cigarette lighter if it does not pop back out within approximately 30 seconds of being pushed in.
Pull it out and have the problem corrected at MITSUBISHI MOTORS Authorized Service Point.
► When the cigarette lighter socket is used as a power source for an electric appliance, be sure that the electric appliance operates at 12 V and has an electric capacity of 120 W or less. In addition, long use of the electric appliance without running the engine may run down the battery.
► When using the cigarette lighter and the accessory socket simultaneously, make sure the total power consumption of these does not exceed 120 W at 12 V.

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